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Council re-think as Planning A164 improvements top over £100 Million, so a less ambitious scheme has been put forward.

Outrage as The Council revealed they had a £240million back-log of Road and Footpath repairs

Rowley Road Chalk path fiasco - 

Council re-think as Planning A164 improvements top over £100 Million, so a less ambitious scheme has been put forward.


Planning approval for the A164 dual carriageway was obtained in July 2020, with the Compulsory Purchase Order and Side Roads Order confirmed in October 2021.  At this point the scheme cost was estimated at £61.8m, including a DfT contribution of £40.8m


The construction industry has experienced significant change and disruption since the scheme cost was last revised. The overriding factor that has resulted in increased estimates is construction inflation, with current rates at between 5-9%.  As a result of these challenges, the current estimated outturn cost of constructing the full scheme is now over £100m. The DfT has made it clear that scheme promoters bear the risk of any cost increases following OBC approval and has suggested that the Council needs to explore options to make the scheme more affordable.


          The project team developed several revised scheme options that reduce the scheme scope and associated cost whilst still meeting the original scheme objectives and generating high value for money. After discussions with the DfT, the Council’s Cabinet and Corporate Management Team, a decision has been made to progress with an alternative scheme option. This includes the removal of dual carriageway section between Skidby Roundabout and Castle Hill roundabout, retaining dual section between Beverley and Skidby Roundabout, with an estimated cost of £86.9m (see image)


This proposed new option continues to deliver most of the scheme benefits expected by the public, stakeholders and DfT, including all the improvements to the Jocks Lodge junction. It removes the construction challenges and associated high cost of constructing the dual carriageway section between Skidby and Castle Hill, including those relating to widening the existing bridge over Eppleworth Road. The proposed improvements to adjacent pedestrian and cycle routes are retained, as is the proposal to relocate local bus stops in to Skidby village away from the main carriageway and nearer to demand. In summary, the new option continues to meet the original scheme objectives whilst offering high value for money at a cost the Council can afford.

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A164 Plan.png

Outrage as The Council revealed they had a £240 million back-log of Road and Footpath repairs with a current investment of only £34 million pa.


Successive Government to Councils subsidy cuts since 2010 is a contributing factor. 


The Council’s plan is to only prioritise the maintenance of A & B Classified Roads and footways and manage the deterioration of C Roads & Unclassified Roads and less used footways. The Conservative have a lot to answer for.

Chalk Path Image.jpg

As many of you know, the chalk path along Rowley Road is virtually non-existent and is completely overgrown. In wet weather ped-estrians have no alternative but to walk on the road, where vehicles can be passing at up to 60mph.
The Parish Council approached East Riding Council, who insisted they re-lay the path with recycled tarmac plainings at a cost of £15,000. Not only that - they want the cash-strapped Parish Council to pay for it! 

This is because East Riding don't have enough funds. This was revealed at The Environment & Regeneration Scrutiny Committee, of which I am member, that East Riding has a £250 million backlog of road and footway repairs.
So, as an alternative solution, I approached Stoneledge, who operate the quarry, about them supplying the amount of chalk needed for free as a goodwill gesture - and they agreed.

The problem now is that East Riding Highways Officers will not agree to use the chalk because, they claim, it is incompatible with their maintenance programme.
The East Riding Council view is “tarmac or nothing.” I think tarmac is not in keeping with the Wolds and the chalky nature of this part of the countryside. But the “experts” tell us differently.
If re-elected on May 4th we intend to work with the Chair of the Parish Council and residents about topping up the chalk path surface without such great expense. At least we would then have something to walk on.

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