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Outrage as The Council revealed they had a £240million back-log of Road and Footpath repairs


Outrage as The Council revealed they had a £240million back-log of Road and Footpath repairs with a current investment of only £34 million pa.


Successive Government to Councils subsidy cuts since 2010 is a contributing factor. 


The Council’s plan is to only prioritise the maintenance of A & B Classified Roads and footways and manage the deterioration of C Roads & Unclassified Roads and less used footways. The Conservative have a lot to answer for.

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New fencing and improved safety on Moor Road, Brough

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I am sure many will are aware that the new fencing along Moor Road, Bridge was completed last month.


This took over a year of lobbying East Riding Council Officers by me, as there was no budget to be able to install a replacement.


The old fence was not of the right spec in the first place. It had wooden posts which had gone rotten in the ground over time and the first strong winds we had early last year broke the posts and several panels went over too.


A special budget dispensation was sought in the end and a new designed fence was commissioned.


I am sure you will agree it makes our area look a lot nicer.


ALSO… I had the Moor Road/Ruskin Way roundabout cleared of vegetation to improve road safety. Many residents contacted me saying that vehicles were coming at speed round the roundabout and were not aware that people were crossing at the traffic island at the foot of the bridge.


With the roundabout now cleared drivers can see the road ahead.

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