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Will the magic roundabout do
the trick?

Magic Roundabout.jpg

by Cllr. Terry Gill

Since the Council revealed plans in December for a new traffic-controlled roundabout at the A63/Brough junction, I am still receiving comments from people who aren't convinced. 

The Council scheme is costing £4.6 million which is being paid for entirely by the developers of Brough South as part of a Planning Condition to cope with the increase in traffic being created. It is due to start in May.

Originally, works were not due to begin until at least the 450th house was occupied out of the 750 approved for Brough South in 2013.


This would have been another 5 years away.
When I was first elected in 2019, I was instrumental in getting council officers, developers, councillors and residents round the table. This resulted in the construction of the roundabout being brought forward. 

The possibility of a proper Brough Relief Road was also discussed, either in addition to the roundabout or as an alternative.

However, in my opinion, the Council failed to produce any long-term strategy for the Melton Link. No provision was made in case it would be needed in the future. At best, the roundabout is a piecemeal solution.

On top of this, as the Council did not need planning permission for the roundabout, there was no proper public consultation.  It's like it's just been bulldozed through.

I believe that National Highways should be funding an upgraded junction for Brough, including longer slip-roads from and to the west.  

The £4.6 million from the developers could have gone towards new facilities like a Leisure Centre.

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